7/8" Mega-Bushing Installation Suggestions

This bushing has oil on it. It will need to be thoroughly cleaned before installing.

Drill the spark plug hole to 49/64". (You can actually use a 3/4" bit)

Tap the blown hole to 7/8-9. A tapered tap will start easier than a plug tap, but either will work.
Cover the tap with wheel bearing grease to stick as many metal chips as possible.

Use a 12-point socket on the head of the tap. You will not be able to use a tap handle.

After tapping the spark plug hole, unhook the ignition and crank the engine a few rounds to blow any chips that fell in the cylinder. Or, use a small adapter on a shop-vac.

Clean and dry the new threads, and the Bushing thoroughly. (w/ brake cleaner)

Screw your NEW spark plug into the adapter.
( the torque for this plug is 7-14 ft-lbs or 84-168 in-lbs )

Apply JB-Weld to the external adapter threads, (NOT to the spark plug threreads) and screw it into the hole and tighten with a spark plug socket.

Let the JB-weld cure for 24 hours before starting your engine.

NOTE: JB-Weld also has a quick-set formula which can cut the waiting time down to a few hours.

Good luck with your repair!

O'reilly part number for the 49/64 drill bit. # 47349
O'reilly part number for the 7/8-9 tap, # 97119
O'reilly part number for J-B Weld 2 Oz Epoxy, 8276 JBW